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Stop Writing Alone

Oct 1, 2020

In an effort to bring light to the devastation brought on by the California wildfires to the home of previous guest and friend of the Stop Writing Alone community, Lisa Murray, this week I am repairing Lisa’s interview from the summer of 2019, with a request to make a donation to the go fund me page for La Borgata Winery. 


GO FUND ME PAGE La Borgata Fire Relief Fund -- LNU Complex Fire


Lisa Murray, filmmaker and podcaster, shares her advice for connecting with community, remaining present so we can *pay attention* and live our truest lives while nurturing our creative spirits. Lisa discusses her upcoming film festival, creating her latest documentary, her podcast I HAVE DREAMS DAMMIT! as well as previous work as a reader for Hollywood film studios. Nicole and Lisa also discuss the challenges of dealing with loss of friends and family and the effects it has on one’s creative endeavours.


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