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Stop Writing Alone

May 4, 2023

Episode 186: Writing Peer Letters for Better Critique Conversations

Episode Description


Critique conversations can sometimes be complicated by the reader’s intention rather than serving the author of the piece being critiqued. This month, a small cohort of Stop Writing Alone members is trying out a new process...

May 4, 2023

Episode 185: "Writing Notes" for Critique and Creation

Episode Description


As the Stop Writing Alone Critique Crew has begun to experiment with a new way to critique our writing, I have discovered a tool in “writing notes” that I wanted to share with the whole community. “Writing Notes” are meant to be...

Mar 2, 2023

The debate over writing prompts continues on, but is there a different way to look at prompts when you choose to do them IN community? I think so! This week I discuss why I think this “Writing Fitness with Friends” activity is something all writers should consider adding to their practice.


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Jan 21, 2023


It’s bound to happen: you are going to write something truly terrible. What do you do when your writing sucks? Nicole came face-to-face with this reality recently and recounted the experience in this week’s episode. Listen in to hear what she felt, what she learned from it, and what she’s going to do...

Jan 6, 2023

Episode 180 Word Power 

In this week’s episode Nicole discusses the word power she will be leaning on throughout the year for personal motivation as well as writing. (continue reading...)

Complete show notes for episode 180 can be found on the Stop Writing Alone Substack page: