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Stop Writing Alone

Jan 16, 2020

The world is in need of strong, intelligent voices. Should those voices be wasted on fiction? Should writers be spending their hours in more important pursuits than playing make believe on the page? This week Nicole addresses the question of whether or not writers are wasting their time when they write fiction. She sites research that underscores the magnitude of fiction’s impact on our society and celebrates its small victories as well. This episode doesn’t ask if your story matters, it tells you WHY it does, so listen, then GO WRITE!


Mentioned in this episode:


Places to connect to the STOP WRITING ALONE community and introduce yourself:


The EVERYONE CAN PODCAST crew. Here’s a list of podcasts made by my classmates coming out of Cathy Heller’s ECP course. This is one inspiring, creative, and informative bunch:

And our teacher…